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February 2nd, 2012 · 1 Comment

Getting Jaded

It’s wonderful to be surfing on huge waves of laughter, but it begins to pall; you discover that your skills are no longer developing, and that most of the scenes are pointless, and that your contemporaries are drifting away to be replaced by young teenagers.

Maybe you give up, or maybe you give up only to get sucked back in again - after all, it’s an interesting ‘hobby’. With luck, you may eventually realize that very little of ‘you’ was ever present on the stage; and that verbal thinking kills spontaneity; and that the world is not six, or sixteen, or sixty seconds in the future; and that a good story is worth any amount of cheap laughs; and that the winning and losing are all ashes.

At this point, Theatresports becomes thrilling and dangerous all over again, and once more a great adventure.

Impro For Storytellers, Keith Johnstone

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